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Everest Height -How High is Mount Everest?


The highest point on earth, Mount Everest is 8848 Meters ( High, 5.50 miles from sea Level and Everest height in feet is 29,029. Although there are some records of Mount Everest height to be 8,850m, the universally accepted is 8,848m.

Located between the Solukhumbu district of Nepal and the Tibetan Autonomous Region of China, Mount Everest is the world’s highest peak. It was first conquered on May 29, 1953, by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay via the Southeast Ridge route. Although many Everest expeditions had been made since the 1920s, Hillary and Tenzing were the first to become successful only in the 1950s. 

How high is Mount Everest?” comes to the mind of everyone on hearing the highest point on Earth. Although there were many guesses made regarding the height of Mt Everest, its official announcement was made in 1955. An Indian team that conducted a survey in 1955, declared the height of Everest to be 8,848m. Later on, a Chinese team also surveyed in 1975 and confirmed the same height. 

The Everest height in miles comes to be 5.50 while Everest Base Camp lies at 3.33 miles from the sea level. Likewise, the Everest height in feet is 29,029 from the sea level. It is the highest place the daredevils aspire to reach once in a lifetime! It not only gives you a lifetime experience but also an inspiration to many others.

Nepal is not only famous for Lord Buddha but also the Land of Eight-Thousanders. It is so because there are 8 among the 14 mountains above 8,000m. Therefore, Nepal is also recognized as the Roof of the World.

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How High is Mount Everest Base Camp?

Despite its enormous height, many people always crave Everest Dream once in a lifetime. No matter, even if they cannot reach the Everest Summit, they do Everest Base Camp Trek. This trek takes them to the highest possible place towards the world’s tallest peak.

To bring your Everest Dream true, you need to know ‘How high is Mount Everest Base Camp?’ right? The Everest Base Camp height is 5,364m/17,598 ft. 

Although you can use Everest Helicopter Tour, you begin the Everest Trek or Everest Expedition right from Lukla. The Lukla height is about 2,860m/9,383ft. This is the gateway to Everest Base Camp Trek and Everest Expedition. From here, the route gradually ascends towards the base camp until the Everest Summit.

Until you reach Gorakshep (5,164m/16,942ft), the route goes through the Sagarmatha National Park and the Sherpa Villages. Sagarmatha National Park is one of the highest altitude conservation centers in the world. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site of Nepal including 9 others.

You can also have lunch or breakfast sitting at Everest View Hotel while observing Mount Everest and other peaks together. Everest View Hotel is located at the height of 3,880m and from every room, you can see Mount Everest. It is one of the highest altitude hotels in the world.

The Everest Base Camp trekkers go to Kalapatthar, which is the best vantage point showing you the Everest Summit. Kalapatthar is situated at an altitude of 5,634m nearby Mt. Pumori (7,161m). From here, you can see the Great Himalayas very closely as if you could touch them! 

Take as many photos and videos as you can by keeping the Mountain Giants on the backdrop. These snaps shall become the best reminiscent of your life and credentials that you have once been to the EVEREST!

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Base Camp to the Everest Summit Height

From base camp to the Everest Summit, there are four different camps that the climbers get to acclimatize and practice. Camp 1 lies at the height of between 6,100m and 6,400m. This is also known as the Valley of Silence.

From Camp 1 to Camp 2, the climbers have to go across the Khumbu Icefall. It is one of the largest Icefalls in the world and is equally dangerous as well. Therefore, some climbers who want to avoid this challenge fly to Camp 2 from the Base Camp.

Camp 2 is located at an elevation of 6,400m/21,000ft. Reaching this camp ensures that you have crossed one of the most difficult sections of the Everest route. Everest Camp 3 covers the elevation from 6,800m to 8,000m. 

The third camp is also known as the Lhotse Wall, named after Mount Lhotse (8,516m). It is the fourth highest peak in the world and one of the two eight-thousanders standing with Mount Everest.

The Camp 4 lies above 8,000m and is called the Deathzone! It is close to the Everest Summit; however, another challenging section. Final destination of an Everest Climber is the Everest Summit (8,848m). It is here you feel really victorious while hoisting your national flag and capturing some snaps! You forget all the hardships you faced in the journey up to the top of the world. You won’t recall the hardships yet to come during the descent either!

How Long It Takes to Cover Mount Everest Height?

You must also know “How long does it take to cover Mt. Everest height?” The duration for Everest region trekking and Everest expedition depends upon many other circumstances.

The season, weather, experience, physical and psychological states including the training also play a vital role in making your Everest trip a success or failure. It is comparatively easier to make the trip in spring and autumn than in summer and winter. 

For a well-experienced climber or trekker, it needs less time than for the beginners. Similarly, the height of the Everest region is another challenge to consider before planning. You may suffer from altitude sickness during the trekking that sometimes, it results into severe loss as well. Yes, although the Everest trekking trail lies above 2,860m, the routes are well maintained that you can cross them easily. 

You need to book at least 9 days itinerary for Everest Base Camp Trek. However, Everest Base Camp Trek 15 Days’ Itinerary is the best option for those doing it for the first time.

You can reach Everest Region within 35 minutes from Kathmandu in a plane or helicopter. The flight from Kathmandu to Lukla is really scenic that shows you green hills and valleys including the soaring peaks.

Yes, the ones having enough experience can do this task from six to nine weeks. Nevertheless, for the novice mountaineers, there are records up to 66 days to reach the Everest Summit and return to Kathmandu.

Last Say:

Before planning an Everest expedition or trekking, you must have thorough knowledge about Everest’s height. As it is the highest peak in the world, climbing Everest is not everyone’s cup of tea! However, those who love more challenges in life, Everest Dream is not impossible.

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