Best Energy Bars For Backpacking

Here, in this article we have listed the best energy bars for backpacking you need while hiking, trekking or camping.

What is an Energy Bar?

Energy bars are high-power food made using cereals and other carbohydrate-rich foods. High-quality energy bars have the necessary ingredients to provide nutrients and put off your hunger. 

Founder of Energy Bar

Brian Maxwell, Jeniffer Biddulph, & Mike McCollum.Brian Maxwell was a Canadian businessman and athlete who co-founded the first energy Bar near Mike McCollum and nutritionist Jennifer Biddulph. 

Nestle spent $375 million to become the owner of Power Bar. Post holdings agreed to purchase Power Bar and other businesses from Nestle in 2014. In 2014, Post holdings agreed to acquire Nestle’s Power Bar and other properties. Premium Nutrients Company took control of the brand some few years later.

Types of Bars

Many people may differentiate energy bars based on their taste, brands, styles, and other factors. Basic Energy Bars come in 5 different varieties:

Protein Bars 

Protein bars are energy bars that have more protein than other nutrients. Users use protein bars to restore muscle after a high-intensity workout, as pre-workout supplements, or to keep hunger at bay.

Please get a medical expert if you use them for weight loss.

Meal replacement Bars

If you cannot cook food for yourself or do not have enough time to do so, you can use meal replacement bars. They have all of the nutrients you need to get a full stomach. Conversely, meal replacement bars cannot give in additional nutrients found in a well-balanced meal.

ALOHA protein bars and purpose protein bars, for example, make ready 18 to 20 grams of protein and are ideal as meal replacement snacks.

Snack bars 

Snacks bars can supply you with everything to satiate hunger while providing sufficient nutrients. Different cereals, fruits, nuts, and other ingredients are used in many energy bars.

Whole Food Bars

The bars are selected with nutrients to fulfill all of your lunch and dinner needs. 

 Fibers’ bars

Fibers’ bars are used to replenish dietary fibers’ in the human body. They use natural fibers’ like oats, whole grains, etc. They are well known for their claims to be able to soften stools. Overeating them may cause diarrhea. 

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 Best Energy Bar For Backpacking

  Cliff Energy Bar

Cliff Bar is an American product made by Cliff Bar and Company. They are suitable for high-intensity work, high-intensity trips, or sports. They may not be ideal for people who do not participate in high-intensity work. These bars have a high amount of calories that may lead to obesity.


Kates Real Food Bar

Kates Real Food Bar is USDA-ORGANIC certified ( Food grown and processed with best weed, soil and plant control, animal quality and additive ), Non – GMO Project certified ( No use of genetically modified plants ), SCS Gluten-Free certified ( minute gluten intolerance and allergies), TRUE Source authorized ( transparent in all contacts and with honey packers, exporters and importers ).

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RXBAR is a company in Chicago that claims to use natural ingredients on its bars. Though they have less protein, they are best for the place their from because many Americans are found high protein intake. It is one of the few greatly respected energy bar companies in the World that dared to use the name of all-natural ingredients for all users to check and see right off the bat. They are said to be the cleanest energy bar products in the market. 

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Honey Stinger

Honey Stingers bars are famous for almost 70% of RDA for vitamin c and 40 g of carbs, making them fit for middle intense training time and trips. It is known for the use of a high amount of honey. Many reviewers about books also noticed the only minute taste of honey. They believed it might be rated good or bad according to the type of user. 


Kind Bars

Kind bars are known for their nuts content. There is some controversy for kind bars from the FDA and reviewers because they are still valued and used by many users. If regular bars are sweet, you can buy no sugar bars. 



Many nutritionists recommend PRO BARS for light or heavy snacks according to your needs. They have high nutrients and good taste leading many first-time users to use them again. They are one of the few bars recommended by many reviewers about books and nutritionists.


Chia Seed Bars

Chia seeds bars are made with Chia seeds as the main ingredients. They have high omega-3 with a mix of cereal and fruits, making it one of the famous organic energy bars. You can make them yourself or buy them from somewhere else.